Will You Need Travel Insurance in a Haunted Hotel?

As the nights grow darker and Halloween comes creeping around the corner many people’s thoughts will turn to ghosts and the macabre. There are hundreds of haunted hotels located in various towns and villages throughout the world, and if you’re looking for a night packed full of adrenalin then a stay in one is ideal. Here are four very good reasons for taking out at least cheap travel insurance beforehand (and maybe more! Ghosts Might Steal Your Possessions

Are you the type of person that’s always misplacing your phone, wallet or car keys? Well if your keys go missing on a night in a haunted hotel, it may not be entirely your fault. Ghosts are often responsible for hiding people’s personal possessions and therefore you may want to buy a cheap travel insurance policy before your trip, so that you’re covered in the instance that ghosts take it upon themselves to steal your iPhone. However, when it comes to paying the bill you could soon be begging for a visit from George. George is one of the notorious former residents of Turmeric Gold in Coventry. The stealing spectre haunts the restaurant and many diners have reported instances where money has been snatched from their hands when the time comes to pay the bill. You May Be Held Responsible If a Poltergeist Trashes Your Room Imagine a scenario where you’re kept awake until 3am while an angry poltergeist hurtles TV monitors, books and glasses across your hotel room. You may be hard-pressed explaining the damage if the on-duty staff aren’t aware of the supernatural activity in the hotel. Of course, there’s always the chance that even if the staff are aware of their poltergeist guest, they won’t believe that you aren’t in some way responsible for the damage caused to their hotel room. Therefore, you may want to take out cheap travel insurance before your stay, although we can’t promise that your insurance company will believe your poltergeist story any more than the hotel staff.

Seeing a Ghost May Cause a Heart Attack

There’s no telling how you will react the first time you see a ghost. Whilst some people remain suitably nonplussed, there have been cases where people have fainted, had a heart attack or even gone into labour upon spotting a spook. The most typical response is fainting, which according to spirit mediums is a response to the heightened energy in the room at the time of a ghostly presence. If upon fainting you hit your head on a hard surface or cause yourself an injury on the way down, then at least your cheap travel insurance may cover the cost of your medical bills.

Changing Your Hotel at 3am

If it turns out that after everything you just can’t hack a stay in a haunted hotel, then you may need to make a hasty retreat. In some instances a lack of funds may prevent you from dragging your belongings through town in search of a safer hotel. However, if you can prove that your stay was causing you distress or that poltergeist activity had rendered your hotel room inhabitable then your cheap travel insurance may cover the inconvenience of having to change your hotel.

However unlikely all of these instances sound, it is important that you don’t let a lack of cheap travel insurance haunt you on your holidays.
Patrick Chong is the Managing Director of Journey?s Travel. Their commercial travel insurance website, Insuremore (http://www.insuremore.co.uk) offers cheap global travel insurance packages for families, singles, children and skiers with free cover against acts of terrorism and a quick and easy online claims feature.
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